I make wheel-thrown pottery with the emphasis on functionality, the tactile experience, and the intention of contemplation. 

Nothing is finished, nothing is perfect, and nothing lasts forever.

The objects made by my hands should feel right in yours, unique vessels from which to eat and drink while pondering life, the universe, and everything.

Or simply enjoy a nice cup of tea.

I take my aesthetic inspiration from organic patterns in nature, the rustic beauty in decay, and the joie de vivre of serendipity.

Thank you and enjoy! 

– Stephen of GossCræft Pottery


Thanks again to all who have come to West Medford Open StudiosSomerville Open Studios, and Vernon Street Studios in the past. I truly appreciate the interest and am very grateful for your support.

Until the next event, my Etsy shop is always open and frequently updated.

Stay creative, be seeing you!

A clay-wright’s progress.

My pottery is non-toxic (lead- & cadmium-free glazes), microwave-safe, dishwasher-ready, high-temperature fired stoneware.

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